Quitting Your Sugar Habit Will Be Beneficial For You If You...

  • Crave a life that isn't controlled by your food (or drinks).
  • Want to experience feeling empowered over sugary treats or the choices you make.
  • Believe in your vision of feeling lighter, more vibrant, and energetically alive in your body.
  • Can't tell the difference between your body's innate, physical cravings vs. mental cravings.
  • Want to trust yourself to make better decisions around food (or drinks).
  • Are feeling ready to return to the real you and rediscover what actually brings you purpose and joy in life.

With This Workbook and Guide You'll Be Able To...

  • incorporate new wellness tools into your day-to-day that will aid you in cleansing, nourishing, and restoring your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Implement new daily rituals in a way that meets you at your current season of life.
  • Fully trust in the signals your brain and body are sending you as it pertains to what you are consuming.
  • Connect to yourself more deeply in order to understand the ways in which you move through life.
  • Feel empowered in the choices you make and what you choose to put into your body.
  • Feel in control around sugary treats.

You'll Receive...

  • A 59 page workbook with 3 simplistic rituals and 9 wellness tools to guide you in quitting sugar and returning to the real you.
  • 12 reflection prompts to connect you with your own inner wisdom and guidance.
  • Nourishing food and meal suggestions.
  • Daily habit stacking checklists and guidance to implementing a routine that's specific to you

To ensure your success for the long term, you'll also receive periodic emails and podcast episodes that will include tips and resources to better guide you through the workbook's content.

This is not meant to be a quick fix.

In this guide and workbook you'll find 3 key areas of focus: Detox, Refuel, Rebuild.

Within these key areas you'll incorporate 9 wellness tools and an additional self-reflection practice aimed at beating sugar on a mind, body, and spirit level. These tools are grouped into 3 simple rituals that you can easily incorporate into your day to day for life changing results.

This holistic approach targets your physical, mental, and emotional health to clear away the hold sugar currently has over your life.

Together, we are going to focus on enhancing your life by quitting sugar once and for all so that you can better recognize your true potential and embody your best self.

Please keep in mind, the goal in quitting sugar is not to place you in a state of deprivation, but to instead fill you up in a way that supports your greater well-being for the long haul.

Why Quit Your Sugar Habit?

Because sugar has zero benefit to you whatsoever. The only somewhat positive impact you receiving from sugar is the temporary serotonin-induced mood boost. But the thing you may not realize is that sugar is a mood and mind-altering drug acting the same way as cocaine to your brain. So your very temporary high high always results in a low low keeping you trapped in this vicious cycle of constantly needing more and more sugar to achieve the feel good feelings you've been craving in the first place.

And because sugar acts as a drug to your brain, it takes control, causing you to feel powerless every time you try to not eat or buy that cookie again. So in reality it's not that you don't have any willpower or lack the ability to make healthy choices for yourself, it's more that sugar has shifted the mental patterning in your brain.

Plus, quitting your sugar habit gives you your power back in life. It gives you a sense of control again, rediscovering your ability to feel food in the choices you make for yourself. It lifts your heaviness and brain fog, propelling you forward with greater natural energy, clarity, focus, and richer feelings of joy or happiness. Upon quitting your sugar habit your body is better able to begin repairing your brain health and gut microbiome, while boosting your immune system too. To put it simply, it paves the way to truly enjoying life again.